I see places like this and I think in terms of economic and ecological potential. I see a ritzy four-star underwater resort hotel in the middle of the lagoon, with the proceeds from $5000 weekend packages funding multiple square mile aquaculture experiments — reef-life and sea vegetables, farmed fish and krill and crustaceans, solar power, wind power, wave power experiments, experiments in biohabitats and encapsulated biomass management and self-sufficiency. I see applications from discoveries here making their way all over the globe and beyond, improving what it means to be human at all levels.

Sixty-five years ago tests of atomic weaponry were carried out in a location very like this — and the results of those tests changed the shape of the world forever downwind and downcurrent in the timestream. It’s high time for experiments of another nature to occur in places like these, possibly with even farther-ranging consequences, only this time with the goal of manufacturing an explosion of hope and potential for comfortable growth.

What I have right now is an idea. What I would like to do now is collect input and expert opinion. Later it will be time to construct a phased proposal and look for funding. But now is the time to be looking into things like this, while we still have a little slack in the resources that we can commit. When we’re fighting over the last drop of oil and scrap of arable land, it will be far too late.


July 20, 2011 · Posted in Everything Else