Score, a work in progress

Part one began, or kinda began, as there have been a few sketches on the general topic posted already over the years, a series I’m writing on the subject of how the economy works and why it’s busted.

I’m writing it from the viewpoint of someone who is in touch with the way interlocking systems work and who has trouble sleeping many nights due to the sound of the grinding of the gears. I’m writing it for people who have no real personal interest in the topic of finance but are forced by the necessities of survival to participate in the earn-and-spend scenarios that make them victims or, slightly better, livestock to the people who profit hugely in the finance industry.

Even now I’m a little unclear why I’m doing this. Ignorance is bliss. But ignorance also keeps us all locked firmly in our little stalls for regular milking, for breeding, and for eventual slaughter.

I’m not doing this to raise awareness so we can eventually break the financial cycles that hold us down. I’m not a big believer in manifestos and revolution. I am a big fan of science, however. I know that the current system is largely a product of undirected evolution. But I think the deliberate discovery and testing and adoption of new economic principles and techniques will make things better for all of us.

I am not a student of accounting or finance. I’m a writer and an analyst, and I have fun sometimes playing with the simple rules that make seemingly complicated systems by way of little experiments and the occasional computer model. I have a background in science, however, and that informs my thinking and my methodology.

The upshot is that I can offer no guarantee that I know what I’m taking about. That’s why I’m discussing this here in public where I can accept comments and correction, should you be willing to help me out.

The next part of “Score” will go up on Monday morning, and I’ll try to be fairly regular with future portions. Thanks for your attention and any feedback you care to offer.


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