Today’s theme: Suspicious Package

I got yer “suspicious package” right here, pal!

Boston Police, laughingstock of the nation for their response to the Mooninite Invasion, are now blowing up “suspicious” DOT-installed traffic counters chained to lamp posts in the financial district.This link has video, kids. Watch an innocent traffic counting device get blowed the fuck up!

Bag-o-BOOM!Brilliant! Now I know what to make my bomb packages look like! And even where I should put them!

Someone, somewhere has committed what we used to refer to as a “thinking accident”. Like the old Centipede’s Dilemma, which is when you make a centipede think about how it organizes its leg movements when it walks, it stops being able to walk……and here you have a mall security force that, due to trying to think about how to increase awareness of “suspicious packages”, has found a spectacular way to immunize the populace against responding to seriously overt threats. Way to go.

Seymour Hersh indicts the Bush Administration of spending money in Iraq to incite sectarian violence…

…including supporting groups known to be aligned with al-Qaeda against Shiite pro-Hezbollah groups.For those of you that aren’t forty years old and/or haven’t been paying attention, that’s an order of magnitude worse than Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal, where Reagan sold weapons to Iran for money to support the Contras in Nicaragua.

Robert Gates, current secretary of Defense, was Deputy Director of Central Intelligence back then (and Director during the First Gulf War under Bush, Sr.). There’s no way that sort of thing is going on this time, is there? Whaddya say, Rob? Are we supplying the weapons that are blowing up our own troops? Are we paying the people, directly or indirectly, who theoretically knocked down the WTC and smacked a hole in the Pentagon? All because we’re not happy with the new Shiite power structure that’s emerging in Iraq and Iran?

What a mess.


PS: Bonus image.

Fun fun fun!


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  1. Niakarima on March 1st, 2007 11:04 am

    All I can do is laugh at the bomb package and sign. That is as good as the box of kitchen knives with the warning not to insert into body printed on the box.

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