Benazir Bhutto is dead and I don’t feel so well myself.

Benazir Bhutto was the woman who was elected to the position of Prime Minister in Pakistan a couple of times before the current military dictator Musharraf seized power. She had been living abroad in self-imposed exile until someone in Pakistan wanted to talk sense.

The US doesn’t—or at least didn’t, once upon a time—care who was in charge in Pakistan. See, Osama bin Laden is likely holed up in the northern/northeastern disputed territories of Pakistan, and we’re apparently in favor of whoever can keep him nailed down.

The dispute? The dispute is kinda Kurd-like. The Kasimir province is claimed both by India and Pakistan, currently divvied up according to who won the last battle, and governed by, well, the same system that’s governed such places for several thousand years. Which is to say, there is a strong independence movement based on farmers and grazers not wanting to pay taxes to anyone in particular while that money goes principally to having their children become increasingly forced to watch Sesame Street and YouPorn.

So now you have the Musharraf’s supporters, Taliban forces fueled by bin Laden’s crew (who aren’t particularly in favor of Musharraf, but who could never handle a woman being in charge again), Kasimiri separatists, the occasional heavily armed Indian trouble-maker, and the newly inflamed Pakistan People’s Party whose head has just been martyred—and also everyone else with their own smaller parties who were just about to front themselves for an election scheduled for early January…. Flag down. Too many players on the field.

(Just so’s you know: Musharraf has been pressured to have himself duly elected, so he declared a state of emergency and basically sacked the entire Judicial Branch that was just about to declare his candidacy illegal. He appointed loyals and cronies and officially handed over the military to a buddy so he could be a civilian for the upcoming election. That’s who we’re calling a “valuable ally” in the War Against Unsponsored Terror. Like we were allied with both Saddam Hussein and bin Laden when it was the Soviets who were invading Afghanistan. Nothing new here.)

Did I mention that both Pakistan and India have nukes? Maybe I should mention that both Pakistan and India have nukes.

Anyway, Bhutto was lured back to Pakistan by a promise of a power-sharing deal with Musharraf—which was scrapped when he pulled his stunt parenthetically mentioned above. Also, she possibly should have gotten a hint when two suicide bombers hit her motorcade the second she set foot back in Pakistan, killing more than a hundred and thirty people and injuring at least as many additionally.

There’s nothing like watching an “ally” disintegrate, with a game of “Button, button, who’s got the button?” played with explosive nuclear devices to follow.

Pour some out for a fallen comrade, and sleep tight.


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L. Xal. 001

At His Desk, Where He Should Really Be Bothering To Get Some Real Work Done

December 17, 2007.

WHEREAS our elected legislators in the House of Representatives and the Senate have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and to adhere to the principles upon which it is founded;

WHEREAS the Christian religion, as established and endorsed by the government of England, was one of the things our forefathers sought to escape by founding our nation and drafting our Constitution using the precise language they chose (c.f., The Constitution of the United States, First Amendment);

WHEREAS Christianity has engendered such vile offspring as Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson and Kent Hovind, who epitomize the bigotry and willful ignorance embraced by Christianity IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO the science-, equality- and progress-minded goals professed by our enlightened forefathers;

WHEREAS drafting a Resolution (c.f., H.Res.847 for the 110th Congress) “recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith” is an attempt to legislate the endorsement of a religion and one of its spectacularly commercially abused and abusive holidays: Now, therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, that Laszlo Xalieri —

    1. recognizes that the House of Representatives has engaged in a tremendous waste of time while they were supposedly on duty solving serious problems;
    2. expresses superlative displeasure at the flagrant disregard of the letter and spirit of the charter that is the Supreme Law of the Land by those who are sworn to uphold it;
    3. emphasizes that it outside of the duties and responsibilities of our elected representatives in Congress to acknowledge, respect, or endorse any religion, especially one that does not also, in exchange, acknowledge, respect, or endorse the principles of equality, enlightenment, progress and tolerance by which such an embodiment of rustic backwardness and intellectual anathema is permitted to thrive; and
    4. holds in contempt, more so than usual, the Body of the House of Representatives and in particular the drafters and signatories of H.Res.847.



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