A brief glimpse forward in time

Here we have an article from about fifteen days in the future, going by the issue’s publication date.

See, Tom and Nancy are pregnant. But Thomas is the one planning on giving birth.

Poppa-to-be“To our neighbors, my wife, Nancy, and I don’t appear in the least unusual. To those in the quiet Oregon community where we live, we are viewed just as we are — a happy couple deeply in love. Our desire to work hard, buy our first home, and start a family was nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until we decided that I would carry our child.

“I am transgender, legally male, and legally married to Nancy. Unlike those in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, or civil unions, Nancy and I are afforded the more than 1,100 federal rights of marriage. Sterilization is not a requirement for sex reassignment, so I decided to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy but kept my reproductive rights. Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.”

If you want to see what the future is going to be like, even the future a scant two weeks from now, read all three pages.

This is too important not to read.

The next fifty years will screw heavily with what it means to be male or female or human or sentient or … any category at all. It’s already started. Will you last even fifteen minutes into our brand new future?


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