DAW’s Zombiesque anthology, featuring “The Confession”, available today!

In case maybe you missed me talking about it a bunch of times, I wrote a story specifically for the DAW anthology, Zombiesque, which is available today from Amazon and other outlets.

The theme of this anthology is stories from the viewpoint of zombies, rather than just being about them. Here’s the blurb:

From a tropical resort where visitors can become temporary zombies, to a newly-made zombie determined to protect those he loves, to a cheerleader who won’t let death kick her off the team, to a zombie seeking revenge for the ancestors who died on an African slave ship — Zombiesque invites readers to take a walk on the undead side in these tales from a zombie’s point of view.

Editors: Stephen L. Antczak, James C. Bassett, Martin H. Greenberg
Contributors: Nancy A. Collins, Charles Pinion, Tim Waggoner, Richard Lee Byers, Robert Sommers, Seanan McGuire, G. K. Hayes, Jim C. Hines, Sean Taylor, Jean Rabe, Gregry Nicoll, Del Stone, Jr., S. Boyd Taylor, Laszlo Xalieri (hey, that’s me!), Nancy Holder, and Wendy Webb

Paperback, 320 pp, ISBN-10: 0756406587, ISBN-13/EAN: 978-0756406585, published 2-1-2011 by DAW

There’s a lovely review by Heather over at Errant Dreams. Here’s what she had to say about “The Confession” in particular:

Laszlo Xalieri’s “The Confession” is another of my favorite tales in this book. It’s a surreal and horrifying take on how a man might rise from the dead… or is it? As a zombie relates his tale to a man who chronicles it for him, details start to emerge that paint a picture perhaps at odds with the zombie’s tale.

Hop on over and order your copy. And don’t forget to go back and add your voice to the reviews when you’re done!

Zombiesque, from DAW, $7.99 at Amazon ($6.99 for the Kindle Edition ebook!)


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