“The Confession” — Coming Soon in Zombiesque!

Zombiesque: front coverMy creepiest story yet, “The Confession”, is headed your way!

This story hasn’t seen the light of day yet — and, depending on your collective reading habits, may never, technically — but for this one I recommend daylight reading, especially for those of you who haven’t built up too much of a tolerance. And you should realize this is me saying this.

“The Confession” is a piece I wrote specifically for the DAW anthology Zombiesque, which showcases sixteen different takes on what daily lif– er, existence is like for this particular taxonomic branch of undead post-biology, all from the point of view of the “differently alive”. Zombiesque is edited by Stephen L. Antczak, James C. Bassett, and Martin H. Greenberg, and features stories from Nancy A. Collins, Charles Pinion, Tim Waggoner, Richard Lee Byers, Robert Sommers, Seanan McGuire, G. K. Hayes, Jim C. Hines, Sean Taylor, Jean Rabe, Gregry Nicoll, Del Stone, Jr., S. Boyd Taylor, Laszlo Xalieri (hey, that’s me!), Nancy Holder, and Wendy Webb.

Zombiesque isn’t on the shelves yet but is available for preorders from Amazon. The release date is three months away. It’s a shame it’s not out for Halloween, but at least it should be there by the time some other critter onslaught pokes their collective heads up out of their holes in the ground — making Zombiesque the best Groundhog Day present ever! Unless it gets pushed back to Easter, which should also work, thematically….

Here’s a look at the back cover blurb in case that helps tip the balance:

Zombiesque: back cover

Also note it’s legit enough to have an ISBN number and everything. And I have to say $8 is not bad at all these days for 320 pages of completely ownable and transferrable DRM-free literary goodness. That’s $.50 a story, which is totally non-sucky.

Pass the word!


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