The Dead Walk Again! is now available for order!

The Dead Walk Again!Every once in a while you just have to do what the public demands. This time what the public has demanded is a follow-up to the Shocklines best-seller The Dead Walk!, a zombie-themed horror anthology edited by Vincent Sneed and published by Die, Monster, Die! Books. So we done it. This new zombie-themed horror anthology is called, unsuprisingly enough, The Dead Walk Again! and is currently available for purchase at Amazon.

Like, this very instant. And you know you just got paid. Go do your duty.

For less than a yuppie foodstamp you get, bound under a single cover (pictured at right, artwork by Stephen Blickenstaff, who did the cover for The Cramps’ “Bad Music for Bad People” album), the following stories:

“2 Dead 2 Walk” an introductory piece by Laszlo Xalieri
“A Large and Rattling Stick” by C.J. Henderson
“Fast Eddie’s Big Night Out” by John L. French
“Of Cabbages and Kings” by Nate Southard
“Laundry Day” by Steven A. Roman
“Married Alive” by D.J. Kirkbride
“High Noon of the Living Dead” by Adam P. Knave
“Ragged Bones” by Bruce Gehweiler
“The Spare” by Laszlo Xalieri
“Zombies on Broadway” by Jack Dolphin
“Zombie and Spice” by Patrick Thomas
“The Dead in their Masses” a novella by James Chambers
“Ode to Brains” a poem by Adam P. Knave

…also edited by Vincent Sneed of Die, Monster, Die! Books. So you know that the pieces were hand-selected and typeset by zombie-loving sensibilities you can trust.

And yes, you read that right. Two pieces by Yours Truly. Written specifically for this compilation and never seen before except by beachsomewhere, to whom I am am married and therefore has the right to see and revise anything that could potentially shame the family brand before whatever it is hits print; murnkay, whom I occasionally pester with new pieces so he can offer valuable critiques and suggestions for titles when I can’t think of something sufficiently satisfying; and the aforementioned Vincent Sneed, book designer, typesetter, and publisher, who assumably has to read these things at least in the act of laying out the text on the pages.

And there you have it. Or, at least, there you will have it when it ships.


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