Footnotes at the End of the Universe

Anti Thoughts    Dustin Grovemiller

    There’s a great deal of iconography associated with the Easter holiday, but what happens when icons get crossed with basic food stuffs?

Gently With A Chainsaw    Leigh Sholler

    Leigh’s off to camp! Yay! What? It’s an army camp? Oh… uh, okay. Maybe not “yay,” then… and it’s Japan? Geeze, this is really not what we signed up for.

Just the Right Bullets    Adam P. Knave

    And now, perhaps, do we see the inner workings of Adam’s desire to write?

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight    Shannon Bayleff

    Quite surprisingly, this is one only two pieces on this update that has to do with April Fool’s Day. That alone should encourage you to read it, but as extra incentive, there’s also nudity.

Letters from Heck    Laszlo Xalieri

    As the other half of the April Fool’s Day duo, Laszlo soberly provides a list of things that aren’t all that funny.

Pure Lard D.J. Kirkbride

    It’s been years in the making, but finally we see the results of D.J.’s most honest, up front, and true-to-form work.

Reality Is What You Make It    John Belden

    Herein lies a discussion on the topic of awareness — just because we’re aware does it mean that we pay attention?

Tales of the Workin’ Girl    Krystal Thompson

    Krystal makes a entry into her diary, airing all her feelings about her unusual house guests.

The Truth of the Matter    Ryan Dilbert

    Dude, that’s some awesome ink — where’d you have it done?

Spoiler Warning    Banter about movies

    Whitecliff and The Kirk — our own answer to a wacky 70s buddy vehicle — take a look at Wonder Boys.


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