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Update: February 1, 2007

Anti-Thoughts by Dustin Grovemiller

Now that he’s old and married, isn’t it only natural that Dustin is wistful for the days of just “hanging out”? Read It

AWCOMIX by Anthony Woodward

A sopping wet tale of a trip to the grocery store. Read It

Behind the White Door by Trevor Whitecliff

It’s a new American Century; we speak now of the mystery of a book that went unread for 1,000 years. Read It

Just the Right Bullets by Adam P. Knave

Adam develops a debilitating fear after his father explains the plot of a movie that he’s watching on television. Just a walk in the park, Iceman. Read It

Letters from Heck by Laszlo Xalieri

Laszlo ponders the best way of dealing with the arrival of the next big consumption holiday. Read It

Reality Is What You Make It by John Belden

Awash with the latest in trendy viral infections, John seeks refuge and even some inspiration from his medication. Read It

The Truth of the Matter by Ryan Dilbert

A footnote tale of real Hollywood — our investigative journalist Ryan tracks down Popeye to see if he really was strong to the finish. Read It

“Workin’ Girl” by Krystal Thompson

(New Contributor!) Krystal introduces herself to the readership by giving you the rundown of a her typical day. Read It

Spoiler Warning Banter about movies.

Again, as the result of your enthusiastic voting, D.J. and Dustin get together to review Ghost World. Read It

Burn, Baby, Burn Notes on music.

D.J. reviews a groovy album by the California band Thrill Deluxe. Read It


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