Bunnies, Subtle, Fire

A very rare shot of a brown hare (Lepus europaeus) nursing its young, taken by John Venables. The mother leaves her leverets in the grass during the day, while she feeds. Then, just after dark, she returns and the young 'dock for fuel' as she sits upright to look for danger.

Now that we’re done looking at the pretty bunnies, let me instruct you on what isn’t subtle. It isn’t subtle to sneak out behind the coffee shop where you work to light up a quick joint and smoke said joint right next to the air intake for the coffee shop’s air conditioning system. Because when you smoke your joint right next to the coffee shop’s air conditioning system’s air intake, the smoke from the joint is pulled into the air conditioning system, has its temperature adjusted to suit the tastes of the hypothetical average coffee shop patron, and then is blown from those little round vents in the ceiling directly onto the heads of the hundred in-no-way-hypothetical patrons in your shop, many of whom are capable of immediately recognizing the scent of burning marijuana. That’s not subtle.

It is perhaps more subtle to light your joint and smoke up while you stand behind the cash register and take cash and dispense coffee, because that couldn’t possibly be marijuana you’re smoking, because who has the eggs to do that? Also, no one in the shop would have to wait for you to finish your joint before they get service. This would be a side benefit. But frankly, I don’t recommend that either, because some people might worry about you getting ashes in their beverages. Some people will complain about anything.

Instead I recommend you find a drug you don’t have to set on fire, because, after all is said and done, there isn’t a lot that is subtle about setting things on fire. I should know.


April 30, 2007 · by xalieri · Posted in Everything Else  


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