It’s more like “endnotes”, really.

Endnotes. Heh. End of time notes. See us at our apocalyptic best:

The FootnoteAnti Thoughts    Dustin Grovemiller

    Dustin hauls himself out of the house to conduct a little field research about a certain hot, bitter drink.

AWCOMIX    Anthony Woodward

    The guy who draws pictures is back! But what is in store for him, and why is he being called an exhibitionist?

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight    Shannon Bayleff

    Shannon reflects on the literature of her youth, which apparently was much more odd than she’d reckoned.

Letters from Heck    Laszlo Xalieri

    Before you go on, you should really read the fine print.

Pure Lard     D.J. Kirkbride

    As evidenced by previous trips to the metaphor zoo, D.J. speaks in cautionary tones about relationships.

Reality Is What You Make It     John Belden

    In a stunning flurry of logic, Beldar uses tea to help explain societal concepts. He is surprisingly not channeling Douglas Adams while doing so.

The Truth of the Matter    Ryan Dilbert

    It’s always important to have goals — you might question deciding to pitchfor the Houston Astros as one of them, but once Ryan’s made up his mind…

Tales of the Workin’ Girl    Krystal Thompson

    In an ongoing exploration of office culture, Krystal singles out a deadly creature — the Email Evader.

Burn, Baby, Burn     Notes on music

    Adam interviews the members of No More Kings, a group responsible for what already ranks as one of the best music videos of all time.

Spoiler Warning    Banter about movies

    You voted, and here’s the winner. The question is, does it take a lot of brain power to review Shaun of the Dead?

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