The Score, as it stands

Here’s my not-too-lengthy, not-too-technical pamphlet on what’s busted with money and the credit economy. It’s hardly a manifesto, but maybe there ought to be one at some point.

I mean, everyone knows things are busted. But everyone thinks in terms of “it’s too complicated to understand…” and “but it works well enough, doesn’t it?” and that confuses me to no end. If things don’t work, what you do is 1) take a good long look at what’s going on, and 2) figure out why things are the way they are. The obvious next step, 3) try to think of a better way to do things, is the tricky part, but the more people who make it through the first two steps, the more brains you can throw at number three.

The truth is, the basics of the economy aren’t too complicated to understand for anyone, especially if you start with “how to trade what you have too much of for what you need” and work your way up from there. As far as “it works well enough, doesn’t it,” all you have to do is see who the system seems to be working for and who it’s letting down to know it’s time to start fixing things.

Here are my notes, broken into digestible chunks.

Intro:  What’s the Score
Part 1: Worthless Money
Part 2: Building on Foam
Part 3: The Measure of a Man
Part 4: Money Spigot, Money Sink
Part 5: Corrective Measures

Where do we go from here?


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