Yes, the footnotes are important. Why else are they there?

Read The Footnote (Dot Net!)The Footnote‘s latest update:

Ask Miss Biscuit    Laszlo Xalieri, Guest

    For reasons that may become clear to you, Laszlo is sitting in for Miss B. What’s he to do when confronted with a question about keeping a man in bed?

Beyond Book Club    Adam P. Knave’s Talking Heads

    A new occasional feature! Rather than go to all the trouble of reviewing books ourselves, we’ve recruited the late Ernest Hemmingway and Ayn Rand to do it for us.

Gently With a Chainsaw    Leigh Sholler

    Unsurprisingly, Leigh’s off on some adventure — this time she’s traveling for work, which means that she’s hitching a ride with the US Navy.

Just the Right Bullets    Adam P. Knave

    Adam comes dangerously close to breaking his non-disclosure agreement about what really goes on around the footnote headquarters.

Letters from Heck    Miss Biscuit, Guest

    She’s gone and landed herself in Heck, but what did Miss Biscuit do to get herself there?

Melancholy Dog    Matt Speer

    Melancholy’s at a bar with a co-worker, which is a great time to talk about the philosophies of evolution and waste disposal.

Pure Lard    D.J. Kirkbride

    Ohhh… behold the cautionary tale of Sparky Mumu! At least, the tale as D.J. remembers it.

The Truth of the Matter    Ryan Dilbert

    The intrepidly innocent Ryan makes another shocking discovery, which in turn leads to a bit of an urban dictionary to help you, the reader, understand rap.

It’s Story Time!    Shannon Bayleff

    Shannon spins a tale of some of the important moments in the life of Harold, a greeting card author.

Something is Rank    Members of the Staff

    Another occasional feature making its debut, Rank is the results of our contributors assembling as a panel for a discussion of “Top Five” lists.

Oh yes.


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