Thursday Emu Report

Yes, the Thursday Emu Report has returned.

Today’s feature is Louisiana chef Dale Bourgeois’s cookbook for the American Emu Association, largely to let you know that there is such a thing as the American Emu Association, and that they, in fact, have a cookbook. And possibly members. And probably lobbyists.

More lobbyists than you, I’d imagine.

Click here for a list of handy recipes should you happen to put your hands on, accidentally or on purpose, a wad of emu meat or an egg or two.

Click the emu to see an article on How Stuff Works to, at least theoretically, discover how emus work.

Amazon’s new grocery ordering service doesn’t yet cover emu eggs that still have the payload inside, as it were, but they have a nice price on clean and empty shells.

The people in this video managed to put their hands on a loaded one.

I personally recommend videos from this link, as they are more representative of my own experiences with emus.

As you were.


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