The State of the Shit

It’s pretty gooftacular that the Tea Party got up and going at all, launched by the Rentiers to help protect their vampiric cash machine — same Rentiers whose precious tax breaks let them siphon all the liquidity in the market into their already bulging wallets.

In case you hadn’t noticed, that liquidity is what usually pays salaries for people who actually contribute to the growth the Rentiers are currently reaping the benefits of. Now, instead of getting what you are due, you bust ass to do your job after a pay cut, also doing the job of the part-timer you’ve been asking for for years AND the job of that woman who got laid off when “we all had to make sacrifices” AND ALSO some of the duties of that old guy who got forced out before he could qualify for his pension.

You remember pensions, right? Near-mythical things now, made up of the part of your salary you’ve earned that they hold onto for you and invest it so it’ll continue to pay for a tiny house somewhere and the occasional tin of fucking tuna once you get to be too old to work. Turns out that was the easiest part to take away from you first, since you’d never even touched it and it was never actually real to you anyway.

Am I lost in a digression already? Am I really that old? Fuck me. I was talking about tea parties.

The first one was when a bunch of people got tired of “their betters” making all of the rules, including setting up taxes to siphon money out of the wallets of the citizenry without them have anything to say about it. They were just colonist peons, sproutlings plopped down on fresh soil to bear fruit and get mowed down for the benefit of the colonies’ financial investors — the [alleged] people whose parents and grandparents took the actual financial risk to build ships and hump them over the Atlantic and showed some small amount of concern when the colonists were freezing their asses off the first couple of wild winters. But the people making the rules during the times leading up to the first tea party did nothing but manage property — and treated the people under their care as property. Livestock. If you dig up their old letters, you read grumblings about keeping them fed and mucking out their shit and finding new and creative ways to milk them and, when they got fat, or uppity, slaughter them.

They wanted more money. The colonists they were taxing were starting to struggle under the burden. The governors tightened the screws. And the “livestock” snapped, dressing up as natives, busting their way on board the ships, looting the holds, and dumping overboard a shit-ton of cargo. Stuff they personally had a use for and held dear. Motherfucking tea.

I’m drinking some right now. Mmmm.

It got the point across. The colonists were in open rebellion over the fact that they had no control over their lives — no representation in their own damned government. We don’t put up with that around here.

The second tea party — that one makes me laugh. It was set up by lay-about property owners that fluff themselves up in the morning thinking that their input into affairs is critical to making things run. Because they’ve got the high-fucking-score.

Apparently with great wealth comes great responsibility. They have to spend four or five hours a week on the phone to protect it. Maybe ten if people start to wake up. They have to shop for new congressthings to buy, hire a think tank to study market (i.e., “your”) behavior and draft toy legislation, hire lobbyists to stuff snippets of tax code wrapped in sheaths of hundred-dollar bills and scented with lobster grease into the pockets of legislators they haven’t tamed yet.

And when their favorite livestock — that’s congress, now rife with liberals and progressives and actual conservatives, as opposed to neoconservative imperialists and dominionists and “trickle-down” economists — started acting uppity, they staged a fake tea party, dressed up as the new kind of natives, “Joe Six-Pack” and “Joe Plumber”. And since it was a joke — a joke wearing your face, goddammit — they bought a “news” network and publicized it like it was a real thing. And people who were tickled by the sound bites and the whole staged imagery and enthusiasm came out of the woodwork, playing dress-up like lost Twilight fans at a sci-fi/fantasy convention.

But Jesus, people, it started with David and Charles Koch dressed up as you guys. And like parakeets confused by a shiny new mirror in the cage you bought it. FOX NEWS is as real as All My Fucking Children and serves the same goddamn purpose. WAKE UP, YOU FUCKING BUDGIES.

I’m only laughing about it because I’ve made a point not to buy any more bullets after I ran out that last time down at the range.

However. Six or seven miles from where I sit right now, I see another tea party brewing up. A real one. A thousand or more of their representatives — the out-of-work ones, supplemented by a few people who are already making a sacrifice for us by taking time off of work and away from their families and friends — are permanently camped out downtown. They’re angry that they — we — no longer have any representation in the governing processes. Because someone has changed all the rules so that everything is for sale, bought for with bribes and lobbyists, and someone, who is not us, has all the goddamn money.

Friends and neighbors, we no longer have any representation in our own government. We are permanently outvoted by towering stacks of cash that was the cash that we ourselves earned, but somehow, by order of the twisted laws that has now made such rape and pillage part of the system, legally resides in the wallets of people who simply want to own it, because that’s what they do — and that’s what makes them feel more powerful than us.

To drive the point home, The Supreme Court of the United States of America has declared that a massive campaign donation BRIBE is Free Speech, and the corporate sock-puppets of the ultrawealthy vampires are ACTUALLY PEOPLE, with RIGHTS THAT NEED PROTECTING, and among the specific rights that need protecting is THE RIGHT TO BUY YOUR GOVERNMENT OUT FROM UNDER YOU.

So here we are again, unrepresented in our own government, overworked and still broke, or unable even to find jobs, watching shit spiral out of hand. We have a cold winter coming up, and no stores laid up, and the people who are already fat on our blood and sweat won’t even feel it.

Let’s make them feel it, too. If it’s going to be a cold winter for us, then it’s going to be a long, dark, cold winter for everyone.

I hear a lot of talk about 1% and 99% and drawing stupid lines between us and them based on income and class and, please, let me explain this to you, that artificial bigotry is their last line of defense. It works in their favor. The last places the real criminals have left to hide is among a crowd of their wealthy neighbors who, if attacked, will have no choice but to defend them when they are needlessly forced to defend themselves and their resources. One percent of the US population is 3.5 million people, some of whom are actually philanthropists and people with principles. I wouldn’t go after them anymore than I would go after all Muslims, or Jews, or people with red hair.

The people who need to be separated from their power and influence are not some nameless group. THEY ARE PEOPLE WITH NAMES. They are not “corporations”. They are not “the wealthy”. They are certainly not Warren Buffett or George Soros. They are David Koch and Charles Koch — and about five hundred people like them, people who are identifiable, and, ultimately, accessible.

We will identify them. We will find them. And accuse them. And we will undo all their damage and take our nation back.


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