PHR Torture Report: Get your free nausea here!

PHR Report on Medical Evidence and Impact of US TortureJust got through reading the eighteen-page executive summary of torture in American military prisons (found at this site) mentioned in this CNN article. Haven’t gotten around to the full 120+ page version. But I will.

It’s a hell of an indictment.

The report’s download site makes you sign up and harvests your e-mail address for some reason. If doing that makes you feel uncomfortable (or you can’t think of a good fake e-mail address), let me know and I’ll see if there isn’t some other way to get you the PDFs where you don’t have to put your name on some list.

Not that you particularly want to read this report anyway. Unless you’d get some sort of sick pleasure from reading graphically detailed evidence that the current administration of the USA has been committing war crimes for six or seven years.

To intensify the nausea, if that’s your thing, you can remember that the prisoners we currently know about are probably less than two percent of the prisoners who went through US hands for the duration (so far) of the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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