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DOWNLOAD AND READ, PRINT AND READ, OR READ ONLINE my 2002 humor/sci-fi piece titled “Nobody Here But Us…” in any of the following ultraconvenient formats:

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Seeing as this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please visit my good friend Carole Edrich’s Cyclist-On-Chemo Donation Page for Cyclists Fighting Cancer. You can also follow her progress at @CyclistOnChemo on Twitter.

Chemotherapy is God-awful grueling. Doctors wouldn’t make you go through it if they didn’t think it would improve your quality of life and extend you a few years — or, in the cases of the lucky and early-diagnosed, cure you outright. Cyclists Fighting Cancer are taking an extra step to provide bikes and enablement for families for exercise-based rehabilitation for children undergoing or recovering from cancer treatments.

IF YOU ENJOY MY WRITING and think nearly 10,000 words (~30 pages in a mass-market paperback) of humorous fiction is worth a little kickback, please click the link above and give a little. If you don’t have the money right now, that’s fine, but sometime in the years ahead remember that you owe a dribble of coins to some cancer charity or other on my behalf.

ABOUT THE STORY: What happens if you actually do get contact with extraterrestrial life and can’t make out what the message is supposed to be? The best and the brightest the government has to offer, involved at the highest level, might not quite be good enough. But hell, if the aliens look tasty enough you can always just eat them…. “Nobody Here But Us…” by Laszlo Xalieri, © 2002

LICENSE: Not much of one. All the downloads are DRM-free. You’re entitled to as many copies in as many different formats as you can stomach. Hand them around, to all your friends — I don’t care. Don’t change the words, the title, or the byline, but you can feel free to send me your copy-edits for fixing typos. If you fix little formatting issues or come up with cover or inline illustrations for me to add, send ’em along to me and I’ll post the best as replacements for the versions here. Feel free to re-host or mirror these files elsewhere, but try to stay current as the files get updated AND PLEASE PROVIDE THE ABOVE INFO REGARDING @CyclistOnChemo’s CHARITY OR ELSE THIS EXERCISE IS POINTLESS. It’s probably just best to link back to this blog post at and let me play air-traffic-control for versions, bandwidth, and incoming links.

Pass the link to here around to all of your free-fiction-lovin’ cancer-hatin’ friends and thank you kindly:



Because it’s a bit lost in the text above, here’s the link to Carole’s donation page nekkid:

Thanks again!


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