Supershort fiction at Microhappy


I’m having a lot of fun—but I’m not the only one—over at the short-short fiction clearing house, Microhappy, created just a handful of days ago by jc1000000. Each piece has an illustrative pic, largely because it’s hosted at the newly revamped moblog, and posts won’t go through without a JPG attachment. Or an audio file. Or a phonecam video. You get the idea. But the BIG idea is you get a list of stories to read on your mobile while you wait for the bus or dick around at the cafe or pub waiting for company to show up.

You can view the mobile version at and, thanks to the excellent app design by the folks at moblog, you won’t miss anything by using the mobile site that you would get from the desktop browser view. In fact, the moblog mobile site kicks all kinds of ass.

If you want to submit, however, you’ll have to sign up for an account at moblog, join the group, and send in a [copyright-legal] pic (or an audio file or a video snip) in an email or MMS with enough [copyright-legal] words to tell the story. I do it from my phone just because.

Can’t beat that.

If you prefer to pipe these into your RSS-reader thingy, then here is the feed address.

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