No Vista for me yet.

…I’m having enough trouble getting XP drivers that are happy with my 2GHz Intel Centrino Core Duo. It’s a Dell notebook, for Chrissakes. Bluescreens from video drivers? Why did you sell it if it wasn’t ready? It’s been months and I’m fairly religious about updates and patches….

In any case, I haven’t heard many good things about Vista yet. The bad things I’ve heard include “it’s slower” and “some shit doesn’t work”. That’s bad, since I use a lot of stuff (i.e., “shit”) that might not be rewritten for Vista anytime soon.

Instead, I use:

So hey, $35US for Vista-like eye candy without the software crashes and slowdown? Extra usability, too? And, for you lucky goobs with extra monitors, all of the above supports multiple monitors.

Zoomy Flip3D goodness

Note the tabs across the top for the virtual screens

And since VMWARE server is now free also (Yes, I’ve enabled the virtualization stuff in BIOS), I can flip over to a virtual screen where a VNC session is open to my free CentOS 4.4 install (XFCE, why do you ask?), where I have access to my true hack-o-matic tools.

Zoomy Flip3D goodness

Yeah, sure, whatever. If I can’t smell my CPU sweating, it’s not working.


February 28, 2007 · by xalieri · Posted in reviews  


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