Amicus curiae [nonspecific]

I just need to mention this:

If the motivation behind your “community standards” legislation, like your zoning regs or your “what days of the week you can’t buy beer” blue laws or whether or not you are allowed to own, sell, or purchase “adult novelites” or “role-playing aids” or posters that look funky in ultraviolet light or various and sundry non-approved forms of harmless recreational chemistry or food items or whether you are allowed to undergo some dreadful but necessary medical procedure or what willing adult can enter into what kind of partnership with whatever other willing adult(s)—if the motivation behind those regulations is the deep-seated fear that if the morals in the area slip too much then God will destroy your dinky little know-nothing podunk rural hamlet like He destroyed Sodom (not to be confused with Saddam) and Gomorrah (not to be confused with Gamera) and, according to Pat Robertson, Nawlins (not to be confused with New Orleans), then your dinky little know-nothing podunk rural hamlet (not to be confused with the Entire State of Georgia, USA) has laws that are in clear violation of the “establishment” clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion”; because if the fear of eradication by some clumsy and fat-fingered Hand of God is not a religious motivation, then I don’t know what is.

For extra points: diagram that sentence.



Feel free to quote the above freely in its entirety (Creative Commons Copyright–Commercial Okay–Derivatives Okay–Attribution Required) in any relevant amicus curiae brief you might feel the need to file.


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