From the United Workers of the Footnote

Anti-ThoughtsThe Footnote    Dustin Grovemiller

    Dustin questions why he’s wasting a perfectly pleasant day in front of the computer.

AWCOMIX    Anthony Woodward

    The author tries to come to grips with the results of working too much. How did the problem get so out of hand?

Just the Right Bullets    Adam P. Knave

    Adam has an encounter with the Nintendo Wii.

Letters from Heck    Laszlo Xalieri

    An exploration of personal sacrifice wherein Laszlo theorizes that it’s apparently hard to make sacrifice count.

Pure Lard    D.J. Kirkbride

    Horror! There’s something wrong with D.J.’s television, which means that our hero must go to great lengths to get his lifeline repaired.

Reality Is What You Make It    John Belden

    This wonderful essay on belief manages to draw a parallel between Moses and Pecos Bill. You should read it simply because it did that. Then go out and see The Adventures of Moses and Pecos Bill, coming soon to theatres.

The Truth of the Matter    Ryan Dilbert

    Ryan’s having one of those days when he just can’t get something out of his head. And apparently today, it’s the government.

Spoiler Warning    Banter about movies

    D.J. and Dustin develop some astounding theories about Young Sherlock Holmes. But is Dustin’s failure to watch the credits an elementary mistake?

Hooray for Comics!    Words plus pictures are a good time

    A shocking expose of The Legion of Super-Heroes’ inner workings. Doubly good if you pretend to be Paul Harvey while reading it.


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