Moreauvia Lives. And I’m okay with that.

UK’s first hybrid embryos created

Even Cowgirls Get The Moos

Whatever. Please PLEASE _PLEASE_ don’t talk to be about “the sanctity and dignity of human life” in a world where “Jackass” is a blockbuster movie, where more than half a trillion dollars is spent killing hundreds of thousand of people we’ve never met much less brought to trial, where the chief weapon of bringing rogue countries into compliance is the trade embargo—a neutron-bomb-like weapon guaranteed to knock down, starve, and kill the poorest of the poor while leaving the wealthy pricks who are the original problem standing, where lives by the millions are sneezed away piece-by-piece by bone-headed amateur code in legislatures across the planet. Your hypocrisy is deafening.

See, it’s obvious to me that if we had better control over what lives we brought into being (through the reproductive sciences) and what lives we allowed to continue when threatened (through medical and biological sciences), we wouldn’t have to waste so much money and resources on destroying HUGE SWATHS OF HUMANITY in our pitiful (yet sanctioned by GOD and the GOVERNMENTS OF ALL THE GOOD NATIONS) methods of—theoretically—trying to make the world a better place for us all. And by “all” I mean rich white folk and their closest friends, or at least those of us who can pass as such.

Carry on. Back to your April Fools Day normality.


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