About this Amazon eBook Pedophilia Manual BS

You know, if I were a District  Attorney/Attorney General/Criminal Profiler/Investigator who had, as a sworn duty and passionate inclination, to locate, prosecute, and lock away those who would exploit children sexually, it would be a wet dream of mine for the following to exist:

  1. a popular underground how-to manual that would unify the M.O. of these predators to make it easier to identify them and counter their tactics
  2. a system of sales for said manuals that leaves clear financial traces, i.e., credit card sales
  3. a site for sales of such that allowed free commentary so those with similar interests could leave messages via traceable, subpoena-able means, i.e., ISP IP address records
  4. a site for sales/discussion that maintains public profiles of interested parties so they can voluntarily (if stupidly) leave more clues to their identities and locations
  5. a system of distribution of said manual to individually branded and identifiable hardware so the identity of the purchaser of said materials is never in question
  6. a system of reading said material such that whenever the device is on and connected to the network that the device is locatable to within 10 meters via triangulation from the three nearest transmitters

So yeah. All you people who got up in arms about this putrid ebook thingy on Amazon and lobbied to have it removed kinda screwed the pooch on this one.

And so but also:

  1. This is America. We don’t ban books here.
  2. We believe in free speech, even if that speech is heinous, despicable crap.
  3. Because anything you feel you have to say is guaranteed to be interpreted as heinous and despicable to somebody, because otherwise why would you be convinced people need to hear it? You say it for the benefit of people who don’t agree with you. Like, perhaps, Congress.
  4. Because in the end, freedom of speech is, in effect, Enough Rope. See that first list above.

Once you empower some entity to police what speech is to be made available to you, they remain empowered. In fact, you Amazon-boycotters have demanded that Amazon listen to people who eventually will not agree with you 100% and will guaranteed remove something that you believe passionately should be made available. Congratulations.

If you believe some form of speech is offensive to you, shout it down. Exercise your right to be heard. But don’t create a gag that others must wear because they offend you. Because eventually we’ll all offend one another, and we’ll all end up wearing your damned gag.

Line up and drop ’em. Spankings will commence in three … two … one …


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