Because I hate you all

Jarvis Cocker versus Tex Avery over the underage corpse of Owl Jolson:

This is what you get because I’m writing literature, motherfuckers, and that’s tougher than writing SF/zombie pulp and ten times scarier. It’s (in the future-tense) a couple hundred thousand words of epic poetry disguised as prose because even Snorri “Snorey” Sturluson figured out no one wanted to read really really long works of poetry back in the early thirteenth century, and prose is tough to write when you’re thinking poetry. It’s also scary because there’s nothing scarier than the inside of the head of a perfectly sane person who thinks nothing at all like how you think. Times ten. Or however many characters you think is a good number to have in a decent story, whether its prose or poetry.

And yeah, this’ll sell about as well as Lee Press-On® Merkins in Tokyo’s Red Light District. And that’s your fault.


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