1. Dealing with survival: If X is to survive, it is because X has mechanisms to provide for the necessities of survival: assembling and processing resources, waste disposal, defense from predation and parasitism, protection from environmental extremes, etc., commensurate to the dictates of the local ecology. Without these strategies, an entity its a flash in the pan.

2. Dealing with scarcity: If X is to compete with others for resources, then X must have strategies for removing resources from the grasp of others, either by violence, by deception, or by economic pressures. The last includes trading for resources with surpluses obtained elsewhere or created/refined by time and/or labor, or trading with labor or services.

3. Dealing with others: If X is to trade cooperatively, rather than as a hostile entity that must defend against theft and cheating, then X must adopt identity protocols that allow X to pass the territorial “friend/foe” test as “friend”. Identifying as “friend” also often allows one to participate in use of public goods and services for the duration of trading relationships.


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