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From the BBC: Court rules on Guantanamo inmate

In the first ruling of its kind, a US court has overturned the designation of an inmate at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp as an “enemy combatant”.

It’s a tremendous day… But he doesn’t even know about this ruling because he’s sitting in solitary confinement and we can’t tell him about it.

— P Sabin Wilett, Lawyer for Huzaifa Parhat

Well. I’ll be the first to admit that this story will be a lot more entertaining when it isn’t irregularly serialized over the course of a decade.

The messes caused by our program of weaseling around Prisoner of War treaties and our own legal system (so we can vanish people off the face of the earth and torture them) is going to cause a hundred years’ worth of ramifications, including specialized college courses dissecting what happened with which we’ll be making your grandchildren miserable.

Nobody wants that kind of horror.

In other news:

Pussy loves cock.

Pussy loves cock.


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