Lines I haven’t officially written yet for books I’m working on

“It just hasn’t been an evening out for you unless there was blood dripping from the ceiling, right?”

“Once you’ve broken one physical law of the universe, it’s like the rest just mill about, looking at their feet, wondering which is going to be next.”

“When your only source of reliable information is a giant frog in a space suit that no one else can see, you tend to keep a lot of stuff to yourself.”

“You sank them by dropping an ox a hundred feet onto their boat? AHAHAHAHA!” “Don’t laugh! That ox was like a member of the family!” “Which one? Your wife? HAHAHAHAHA!” “If you must know, Harold, I named him after you! And I thought about you anytime I stuck anything up his arse.

“What is your fascination with grafting spare tongues into random orifices in the serving girls, anyway? It’s their duty to hold their tongues most of the time, regardless.” “Yes, dear, but it never said where.”

Bonus points if you know my projects well enough to know which lines go with which novels in progress.


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