My Thanks

1) My old high school crew, who somehow resisted the urge to kill me before I got too big for my britches. 2) My Atlanta crew, who kept me balanced on that fine edge for twenty-five years. 3) My New York crew, who have welcomed me to my new life with open arms. 4) My British Isles and overseas crew, who watch over me like the angels they really are. 5) My family, both by birth and by choice, who know all the secret keys to keep me in line or push me where I need to go.

I am grateful for you all — every last one of you who have ever leant a hand or a word or nudged open a space for me to take a stand. I love you all.  Even if I don’t know who you are.


November 25, 2010 · by xalieri · Posted in Everything Else  


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  1. Sara on November 26th, 2010 6:17 am

    We’re all grateful for you too!

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