Oh, the humanity.

Somebody’s houseplant has a Twitter account. More than twenty days ago it needed water. It’s probably dead now.

Stewie, or maybe Pua

That’s Stewie. Or maybe Pua. It’s an anteater. It’s cooler than you. Click the pic.

This article is chock-full of ignorant and probably exists only because Rosemary Desmond made a bet that she could get the phrase “cereal killer” in a headline. Mycotoxins range from good old “bread madness” (from whence LSD-25 was eventually derived) all the way up to funky death from liver and/or kidney failure, sure, but claiming it as an increased danger from climate change is on the stupid side of ballsy. The conclusion assumes that any regulatory agencies completely give up checking for this kind of thing, plus also farmers and laborers go completely blind during harvest season.

Delightful Devil, Morpa and Dick Warren

The above pic is from the same “news” source, claiming that Tasmanian Devils also make good pets. Don’t you try it.

Grand Baby

Some people have fucked-up fetishes. Click if you dare.

Vatican okays belief in aliens. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this probably refers to extraterrestrial/extradimensional life and not just foreigners. Someone please get back to me when the Vatican issues a decree that says skepticism is okay and they’ve finally grown a sense of humor with respect to old Tom Lehrer songs.

In other news, trying to put hot pink underwear on a goat and trying to tie a ribbon on the tail of a struggling steer somehow “proves that we are normal”, says Jen Vrana, president and founder of the Liberty Gay Rodeo Association. I’m not sure I’m ever one to judge what normal is, but I’m fairly sure that’s not it. Not that I find the slightest problem with the idea of making your goat wear hot pink underwear or putting a ribbon you have no other use for on the tail of a steer—PETA and I disagree frequently—but that’s not a typical hobby for anyone of any sexual orientation.


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