Apologies to the Ghost of Jim Henson

Oh, Rupert Murdoch, with your hands up the puppet-holes of those talking heads you employ, speaking on behalf of your Koch-Brothers-and-Company buddies….

We don’t hate Capitalism, or Freedom, or Corporations, or Banks. We hate the hundred thousand bastards who have run up executive compensation to 300x, 400x, 500x the pay of their average workers — SOMETHING THAT IS UNPRECEDENTED ANYWHERE ELSE ON EARTH. Other countries, even the ones with horrible economies, top out around 50x.

THEN we hate how you stealing bastards spend that money — the money that should have been spent on jobs and proper compensation for the workers that earned that money for you — to buy senators and representatives and justices and committee members — or, if you want to pinch more pennies, you buy line-items of legislation, or tax loopholes for yourselves or your companies, or portals in the tax codes to shuffle trillions of dollars into hidden offshore accounts. Or you buy media companies and newspapers and attractive talking heads with well-greased puppet-holes.

It’s not Capitalism that provides you the Freedom to strip mine the American Wallet with your Corporations and Banks. It’s your greed, pure and simple. And the greed of the powermad thugs you’ve bought, now holding office, with milk from your cash-swollen teats running down their own chubby little chins.

What does it take to cut you bastards out of the system? Do we replace your puppets in Washington? Do we cripple your banks? Do we pop you out of the corporations you’re hiding in? Or do we come for you personally?

Don’t blame the system. Don’t say you’re just following the rules. You’ve used jackhammers of lucre to change the rules until it is YOUR system, not ours. And we will break it if we have to in order to get it back.

Let’s see what gives first.


October 7, 2011 · by xalieri · Posted in Everything Else  


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