Baboon Studies

The natural state of being for any collection of primates is an impoverished heap with a few of the wealthy and powerful on top, glutting and rutting to satiety before anyone else gets any little thing they need, with their greasy buttocks and toesies cushioned from the harshness of reality by a thick, lush carpeting of peons.

You can achieve this state in any clump of humans by removing the concept of one simple set of laws that applies to every human equally.

Visual aid for the hard-of-thinking

You can tell where you are on the spectrum by how often you hear the cry “You can’t do that to me! Don’t you know who I am?” — and how often it works to allow the speaker access to a different set of rules, whether it’s by show of force, waving a holy book, or peeling bills off the top of a stack of cash.

Once things have slipped too far, there’s only one way to fix it. Unfortunately, the apes on top of the heap hardly ever relinquish power voluntarily.

In the natural state, we have the circumstances that led up to the Great Depression — and what’s going on right now. When things are better, we can go to the moon on a whim — in a Studebaker strapped to the top of a missile.

People lobbying for “smaller government” — at the behest of the apes on top — are buying a lottery ticket for a shot at being one of those apes. But those on top hate competition. The game is rigged, folks. You’ll never get there.

The words aren’t “Liberty for All”. It’s “Liberty and Justice for All”. The same laws — and the same consequences — for everyone.


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