Hypnic Jerk

Is today going to be one of those days where someone a number of years from now will ask you if you remember what you were doing on this day?

This is a recurring thought of mine. One that helps me remember how busted my memory is.

It’s hard to gauge the strength of a memory, isn’t it? I remember some things that happened decades ago as freshly as events of this morning, and sometimes those memories aren’t consistent with current causality. And then there are episodes of déjà vu that are so incredibly strong they’re almost painful.

Sometimes I wonder if those periods of déjà vu that seem so strong, that seemed stacked, even — a déjà vu moment about having had déjà vu about this particular déjà vu experience — aren’t actually overlapping moments in time and space where one could jump tracks and loop into the past or skip entire cycles and wander into an uncaused future. Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t done this before. If I don’t do this all the time.

On one hand, it’s just staring at the cracks and trying to imagine a coherent picture: microsleep, daytime parahypnagogia, hypnic jerk, attention fatigue, exploding head syndrome being the lines describing the pentagram that is the shortest distance between two points in paracontiguous spacetime.

On the other? The other hand is empty.


November 23, 2010 · by xalieri · Posted in Everything Else  


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