A Wake for a Dream

Ya’ll let me know when you’ve seen “Inception” so we can discuss it in detail.

In the meanwhile, if you’ve found that you like discussions of how to know whether what you’re experiencing is real and whether it actually matters if it’s real or not, feel free to also watch “The Matrix”, “What Dreams May Come”, “Existenz”, “Naked Lunch”, and/or read Jeff Noon’s novel Vurt.

That’s by no means a comprehensive list, but those oeuvres stand out in my memory, for some reason.

Without raising any spoilers, I can say the following:

1) “Inception” is beautiful and you should go see it. DiCaprio’s acting couldn’t ruin this movie, visually stunning as it is and filled with other actors that deserved all the moments in the spotlight they got.

2) It’s really not as hard as all that to hack someone’s head. I’d do it for a living if I could get a steady list of clientele.

3) Dreams are quite a bit more flexible than the movie presents. If the director had cut 90% of the parts explaining the rigid physics of dreams, it would have been easier to swallow. Also, dream logic could have been exploited a bit more thoroughly — though possibly at the expense of turning out a linear, orderly, multilayer story.

Also, lucid dreaming is fun. I recommend it for everyone.


July 20, 2010 · by xalieri · Posted in reviews  


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