My new desk at work

My new desk at work is going to look a good deal less slick with all my crap on it and dripping with cables. And I’m not sure which of those little wings is large enough and sturdy enough to hold up an ancient (blue and white, if that means anything to you, Jan 1999, 48 lbs, pre-Graphite) 17″ CRT Apple Studio Display. The 20″ dual-core Intel iMac really needs to be front-and-center.

Also, it’s not here yet. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Wednesday at the outside. Also also, it’ll require some assembly, I assume, which gives me plenty of chances to scratch it up and break parts.

Also also also, my new tiny shiny office still needs some drywall hung and painted, plus maybe some carpet, a decent chair, a coat rack, and a bookshelf. And the wall-sized white board moved in there. Before I move in furniture I don’t want to get too badly damaged. Though I can probably get the coat rack and chair in there without wrecking the desk and anything on it. Possibly the bookshelf. Definitely need the drywall, paint, and carpet first.

And it won’t really look like my office until it looks like someone dropped a live grenade in a garbage can and walked away.


October 13, 2008 · by xalieri · Posted in Everything Else  


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