The kind of things I think about, no kidding, in traffic

  • Spacetime itself has a mass-equivalence or it would not be able to be affected by mass.
  • Spacetime can be created and destroyed. When you move, you consume distance between yourself and the object(s) toward which you are moving and create distance between yourself and the objects away from which you are moving. The creation of (positive) time is a byproduct of the inefficiency of the process. Momentum is converted into the substance of distance and time through change of relative positions.
  • Massive objects attract each other because they cast shadows in the universal expansion field proportional to their masses. This causes a net attraction for close masses, similar to the Casimir effect, because the expansion force’s pressure is greater outside the masses than it is between them.
  • If that’s true, then diffraction, refraction, and lensing of the propagating expansion field ought to be possible, merely by constructing masses of the appropriate shapes and spatial configurations.
  • An accelerating force’s distortion of an object’s straight-line momentum is a modification of that object’s local currents of spacetime as modulated by the sails and rudders of the object’s inertial mass. The attraction of an electronegatively charged object by an electropositively charged field is the exact same rubber-sheet downslope distortion of that object’s spacetime used to depict gravitic attraction, because the distortion of spacetime happens for any accelerating force, not just gravity, regardless of that force’s nature. Einstein’s principle that states that the effects of gravity are indistinguishable from a blind inertial acceleration is true for any and every accelerating force.
  • It’s tough thinking about this in terms of objects as objects are merely a huge conglomeration of wavelet particle thingies all glued together by enormously strong electromagnetic and nuclear forces.
  • The reason gravity and mass are hard to integrate into any kind of unified model is that they’re already there in terms of inertial momentum and measured deltas in spacetime. Technically, you’re soaking in it.

Nevermind. Go back to sleep.


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  1. Niakarima on September 22nd, 2008 10:10 am

    I don’t mind that you think about this stuff and blog it because reading something interesting keeps me from dying of boredom. I have noone to talk science with anywhere around me anymore.

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