Time for your Swirly, Gonzales.

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…and joining the ranks of the Bush Administration resignees is Alberto Gonzales, lawyer shyster behind the the whole “let’s see how close we can get to torturing people without being called on it” scenario, architect of the “who needs habeas corpus?” deal, inventor of the “that Prisoners of War thing is so Hogan’s Heroes” situation, the mastermind behind the “let’s take justice out of the hands of the Judiciary and give it to the Military” fiasco, and principal proponent of the “let’s spy on US citizens without a warrant” movement.

I’m minded to leave out the push to purge the district attorneys’ offices to replace office-holders with party loyalists because everybody does that.

You can’t see Gonzales’s hands in this picture because his left hand is down by his side and his right hand is raised in his typical oath-taking-in-front-of-a-congressional-subcommittee gesture. It’d be about in the right place to give Rove a pair of bunny ears.

I’d like to point out that the rules of the attorney general game aren’t “how close can we come to the edge of the civil liberties toilet without falling in?” but, perhaps, “how do we best provide liberty and justice for all?”

Ex-attorney general Alberto Gonzales, please accept your Swirly. You know you deserve it. Thank you for all your hard work.


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