Biting iron

There’s a grating sound that sounds like the sound you get when you drag an iron manhole cover aside on a concrete sidewalk — not that many people have actually heard that sound except in movies or on television, but thanks to TV and movies, everyone has a pretty good idea of what it sounds like. Imagine sitting on a speaker that’s playing that sound at high volume and feeling the vibrations of that sound throughout your whole body — or better yet, imagine how it would sound, how it would feel, to be biting the iron while it’s being dragged across the concrete, how it would sound, how it would feel to have that sound, that vibration transmitted into your body, into your skull, via bone conduction. Imagine that sound, that vibration, that feeling, going on for hours. For days. For a year. Or more.

That’s what it feels like to pretend everything’s okay when it’s not.


June 13, 2011 · by xalieri · Posted in poetry  


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