It’s been tough to catch my breath lately. I have it on good opinion that things do indeed continue to happen in the outside world. Like, for instance, The Footnote experienced a fourth anniversary and has lots of new stuff up, including what I think is the first overtly political piece I’ve written for them since I joined up. Also, Presidential candidates (of whom we’ll be tired of hearing long before time to actually vote for any of them) have been exhibiting themselves publicly here and there, and meanwhile holidays and bombs and shit have been happening and who cares because none of it impacts American Idol.

Not that I watch American Idol.

Whenever Sporty Spice isn’t drooling hydraulic fluid onto the pavement I work on learning to drive a manual transmission. I fear for the next manual transmission car I get to drive because this one lets me get away with shifting directly from second to fifth. Going uphill. And still accelerates. It’s gonna be a while before I’m invited to join the racing team.

Business stuff is weird as usual. I’m losing count of the number of non-disclosures I’ve signed (or made others sign) in the past few months, which I can only hope is a good thing. Lately I’ve taken to wondering why we use the French word entrepreneur for the purposes to which we put it, and then I realize that our native-language option is, um, undertaker. Or enterpriser. Which actually sounds even worse.


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