Who ARE these guys?

AEY, Inc., has an unmarked office in Miami Beach. They also have, or rather had, a contract with the federal government worth nearly $300 million to supply the Afghan Army and police forces with weapons and ammunition.

Efraim E. Diveroli, 22, courtesy Miami-Dade PDDavid M. Packouz, 25, courtesy Miami-Dade PDCrap munitions picked up from crap sources stored in crap boxes in crap warehouses with crap climate control and packed off to a crap war no one gives a crap about. And all you have to do to participate is form a crap corporation and fill out crap forms on a crap website so you can make crap bids on sweet government contracts.

I know how easy it is. I’ve done it. I’m a managing member of an LLC. $100 in a business checking account, a free federal tax ID, $100 in filing the LLC paperwork with the GA secretary of state’s office (includes a business permit in your home county), two hours of filling out forms on a craptastic lowest-bidder-designed vetting website, and now I, too, can apply for a Federal Firearms Permit and get a contract to buy and sell tank munitions and anti-aircraft rounds.

It’s awesome.

All you have to do is make sure you skim your “fuck you” money first and then it doesn’t matter how quickly things go south.

These guys had the luck to manage to have $5,469,668.95 in a Banc of America Investment Services account in order to get things started with the buying and the selling. Or maybe they just had a letter that said that. It’s hard to say. I can write a letter. I’m good at writing.

This article from the New York Times detailing the huge mess the above guys are in is truly inspirational.

Anyway, I now have my foot in the door. Anyone interested in doin’ govmint biznez can feel free to contact me on a less traceable sideband channel. We’ll talk.


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