More on the prison ships stuff.

More reporting from Duncan Campbell and Richard Norton-Taylor at The Guardian:

Prison ships, torture claims, and missing detainees

Vessels used: USS Bataan Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, 257m x 32m. Carries 3,200 people. Took part in activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Holds a 600-bed hospital; USS Peleliu Tarawa-class amphibious assault ship, 250m x 32.5m. Carries 2,805 people. Was deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, on August 22 2003, and took part in activities in south Iraq and Persian Gulf; USNS Stockham Used to provide support for the US Marine Corps.
Other ships that have been stationed at or near Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, which warrant investigation regarding possible secret detention facilities, are, according to Reprieve:
USNS Watson, Watkins, Sister, Charlton, Pomeroy, Red Cloud, Soderman, and Dahl; MV PFC William B Baugh, Alex Bonnyman, Franklin J Phillips, Louis J Huage Jr, and James Anderson Jr

Complaint over British role in extraordinary rendition

Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star US general who is professor of international security studies at West Point military academy, has twice spoken publicly about the use of Diego Garcia to detain suspects. In May 2004, he said: “We’re probably holding around 3,000 people, you know, Bagram airfield, Diego Garcia, Guantánamo, 16 camps throughout Iraq.” He repeated the claim in December last year.

Up to seventeen ships going in and out of Diego Garcia. Somewhere on the order of ten thousand US Naval and Marine troops who know more than a few details and are keeping quiet.

This is for, you know, my own records. Since everyone who used to care about this kind of thing is completely numb now and turns their face away so as to be able to get through the day without screaming.


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