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Why I love physics.

This early, very dense state has an energy density of 3-4 GeV/fm3 and the equivalent of a temperature of around 240 MeV. The conditions suppress the number of J-psis (charmonia), enhance strangeness, and begin to drive the expansion of the fireball.

Charmonia. Strangeness is a quantifiable value. And, as always, fireballs. What’s not to love?
BitesizeLook! Baby … umm … baby … something-or-other.

Never forget: CUTE = EVIL. Check out those claws. Evil, evil, evil. A later shot in the series shows it steering its host-human. Too grim to depict here.

Grow old along with me.Complete with Ultraman crotch shots.

Parodies of pop culture you’re too young to remember never looked so good. $150 to $250 is not too much to pay to have one on your livingroom wall. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

birdie in a cageFrom : Shots of the Folsom Street Fair

Some awesome black-and-white photography of some things you possibly don’t want to see, but fabulous images nonetheless.

Titanis walleri‘Terror birds’ never et humans.

I’m not sure I buy it. They’re reevaluating when this seven-foot duck was around by the concentrations of certain rare-earth elements in its bones, and that can be sketchy. Especially when it puts this flightless bird as invading the North American continent from South America before the land-bridge between the continents formed. I fucking well doubt they built a raft, as this article suggests.

Dear mother...Worst album covers of all time: #18

Remember back when music came in collections called “albums” rather than one track at a time from online music stores? One reason for going to CDs from LP records was to make images like this a quarter of the original size, and now you don’t have to see them at all in order to hear a track you might enjoy.But now you don’t necessarily get the visual warning that would tell you whether what you’re about to hear is absolute crap. Oh well. You take the good with the bad.

McNaughtThat comet you missed sure looked pretty.

Prince still seems to be alive. It must have taken Anna Nicole Smith instead.

HDR: Jackson Motel, Greektown, ChicagoHigh Dynamic Range photography

Successive portions of the image are rebalanced to maximize the amount of detail, reducing the amount of image that gets “blown out” in highlights or lost in shadow. The human eye does this automatically as you look at different parts of your field of view, with the pupil constricting and dilating to control the amount of light allowed to hit the retina. A print of a photograph pretty much picks one level of exposure and sticks with it unless you play with dodging and burning. Usually quite a bit more detail is captured on the negative that you get to see.Digitally speaking, though, what you see is what you get. Photoshop can help a bit, depending on the quality of the image-capture. However, if you take, say, five simultaneous (or nearly simultaneous) pictures at different exposure levels and merge them, you get all the detail you would have caught had you actually been there … plus a little.

I can’t imagine how expensive the camera would be that could do this on the fly. But I want one. Also, I want the movie camera that can do this. Oh. And the talent to be able to use it effectively.

Mobile home park on the moonMobile home park on the moon.

You finally move your double-wide out of Tornado Alley, and now you have to dodge meteorites.Remember that you won’t be able to get financing unless you take the wheels off and build a skirt around it to keep the Mooninites out from underneath. But frankly I’d worry more about Dumbassahedratron.

orange snowWatch out where the huskies go.

Oily yellow and orange snowflakes fell over an area of more than 1,500sq km (570sq miles) in the Omsk region on Wednesday, Russian officials said.

Chemical tests were under way to determine the cause, they said.

Residents have been advised not to use the snow for household tasks or let animals graze on it.

“So far we cannot explain the snow, which is oily to the touch and has a pronounced rotten smell,” said Omsk environmental prosecutor Anton German, quoted by the Russian news agency Itar-Tass on Thursday.

President Yahya Jammeh gets his hands dirty.What happened to the good old days of scrofula?

Sure, sure. Given a choice of healing scrofula or AIDS, it would be more useful if your typical state leader’s touch could cure the more deadly of the two.Not sure what GWB’s touch cures. Crippling tax burdens, I think. Only for those touched.

VistacularHey Vista: “Go Fuck Yourself!”

Here’s the scenario. Turn on microphone and activate voice commands. Receive e-mail with sound file or otherwise get tricked into clicking on sound file. Sound file contains voice commands to do heinous things. Speakers emit commands. Microphone receives commands. Vista does heinous things. The End.

Watch those pupils.Penis as a Boy

Convicted sex offender? Looking for fresh meat? It’s easy! Just go back to grade school. For two years.

University of Edinburgh summons Maxwell’s Demon

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have created a tiny engine powered by light that can be made to sort molecules.

Its name is Rotaxane.Who would’ve guessed? I always thought it was Rumpelsomething.

Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

Very educational, this. But it’s definitely missing something. Like position statements and comments from ignoramuses that espouse religions other than Christianity, or, better yet, buffoons that believe in science as if it were a religion. Fair is fair.

miracle fruitMiracle Fruitcake

Strange, strange stuff. Coat your tongue with the glycoprotein in this berry, and, for the next half hour to an hour, sour and bitter cease to exist. It’s kind of a survival trait to be able to taste the pH of the substances you ingest, but, if you don’t care that your food might be killing you anyway, this might be worth the risk.After a dose of goofily-named “miraculin”, you can bite into a lime, right through the rind, and it’ll taste just like candy.

A pretty damn nifty review of the effects of miracle fruit can be found here.

'Subway'-style Interstate highway mapInterstate system as a “subway” map.

I won’t be happy until it’s actually a subway. But this is a step in the right direction.

frogstackMake mine batrachotoxin.

It’s been a while since I’ve licked a frog, but damn, if these things don’t look just like candy….Anyone wanna join me for a snack?

Um.Secret message for you-know-who.

Lobsters are strange creatures of the abyss that exist on Earth to spy on human behavior. They accomplish this by allowing themselves to be caught by the human scum, then be eaten by the human scum. Unbeknownst to the human scum, the lobster’s thrown away shell, fully cooked, transmits a photon signal from Earth back to their home plant, Crustacea (cruss-tay-shee-uh). The elite Crustese (cruss-teez) then take the transmitted information to learn of the human scums’ behavior and conversation, thus gaining access to secretive human scum brains.

Utilizing this information, the Crustese Lobsters will soon travel from their home world to Earth, plotting to take away every sorce of coffee and watermelons. Until then, all the human scums can do is sit, wait, and eat a fresh lobster.

One grand lobster recipe includes the following:

1 cup of butter
1 plate
1 plate for lobster shells
1 small bowl for butter
1 shell crusher thing
1 microwave
1 tall glass of icy water
2 gallons of water
1 deep pot
1 stovetop
1 live lobster
1 sink
1 roof

It’s a wiki, so if the recipe needs adjusting, feel free. Just remember it’s Holy Writ. Now I need to set up a wiki….

More reviews are in the works. Click here to make suggestions.

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