Things I learned from watching “9”

In no particular order:

  • Nothing keeps you from unzipping the chest of a stranger and shoving your hands inside for a good rummage.
  • Burlap may start out dirty but never gets any dirtier than it already is.
  • When people go to all-out war with one another, what you really have to watch out for is runaway technology that has it in for everybody.
  • It is very important to ignore the voices of authority, reason, and experience and take all your advice from the crazy artist guy. And people will follow your lead in this if you tell them they need to with a very earnest expression on your face.
  • It really really sucks when people die but it’s all better as long as you see their ghosts escape to the stars, which, for some reason, is way way better than keeping them in a convenient box where you might be able to put them to use again later, even when it’s pretty well established throughout the rest of the movie that parts is parts.
  • I seriously need to create my own small army of burlap-wrapped-spare-parts homonculi. I’d be running this place in no time.


September 14, 2009 · by xalieri · Posted in reviews  


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